Condition Monitoring

Critical Components Condition Monitoring, fault detection and instant Alarm System (TripleCMASTM) technology application will monitor the aerodynamic efficiency of both individual wind turbine blades, of the entire rotor and critical components located in the nacelle. TripleCMASTM will provide completely new sets of operational data which can be used to significantly increase the productivity and reliability of wind turbines, but also to reduce risk, service and maintenance costs.

To pursue the research and development of the TripleCMASTM, Ventus Engineering has, on the one hand, applied for a research funding program supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), and, on the other hand, entered into a close collaboration with Technical University of Wien to develop a new blade sensor technology.

TripleCMASTM is a completely independent and flexible system, being suitable for all existing wind turbines. Moreover, it offers a modular design where more sensors for gearbox, generator, main shaft bearing etc. can be added anytime.

The algorithms developed in this application will monitor the wind turbine (rotor and nacelle), provide real-time evaluation and instant alarm system, when needed, such as:

  • Blade missing stall strips, vortex generator and gurney flaps alarm
  • Blade leading edge erosion alarm
  • Blade damage alarm
  • Blade lightning strike alarm
  • Blade pitch bearing damage alarm
  • Blade / Rotor imbalance (cyclic loads) alarm
  • Blade icing event alarm
  • Rotor yaw misalignment (no need for LiDAR)
  • Monitor improved / decreased power output when yawing
  • Blade pitch relative misalignment alarm
  • Monitor improved / decreased power output when pitching
  • Turbulence intensity
  • Vertical wind shear
  • Power output characteristics
  • Tower movements