Power Curve Measurement

Why Nacelle-based LiDAR?

Wind turbine power performance characteristics are determined by the measured power curve (the relationship between the wind speed and the wind turbine power output) and the estimated annual energy production (AEP).

The Nacelle based LiDAR measurements of the wind turbine power performance testing is done in conformity with IEC regulations as a supplementary or alternative measurement technique to measuring-mast-mounted cup anemometers.

Our solution

We use nacelle-based LiDAR to measure the power curve/performance of each wind turbine on the actual site location.

Compared to measurement-mast-mounted cup anemometers then sufficient data to evaluate the wind turbine power performance can be collected much faster by the Nacelle based LiDAR. This is due to considerably more wind sectors are available with unaffected wind flow, since the nacelle based LiDAR turns into the wind together with the Nacelle.

This LiDAR measurement can be done as part of the commissioning of a wind farm to compare up against the warranted power curve or it can be used as an operational tool to quickly verify wind turbine performance, but also to detect possible under-performances (asset risk management) and provide valuable input to the people operating the wind farm.

(The installation of the nacelle based Lidar takes 1/2 day and there is no need for a building permit as would be the case for a measuring mast).

Please watch the video illustrating power curve verification: